Reading at Palladium

A reading of SUNSHINE CITY, book/lyrics by Dewey Davis-Thompson and lyrics/music by Tom Sivak was held at the Palladium Theatre on September 21, 2015 to an audience of 75-80 people.

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John Lombardi as Fred Keener
Becca McCoy as Olive Eaton and Hey Kid
Jan Neuberger as Ophelia Hotweather
Mackenzie Winters-Bryant as Susan Keener
Luis Gonzalez
as Jack Handsome
Greg Thompson
as Mayor Holliday
Todd W. Donovan as Dale E. Larson
Russell C. Andrade
as Wilby Eaton, Max and the Czar

Melissa Misener as Anette Kellerman

Supported by a grant from the St. Peterburg Arts Alliance,  Sunshine City, The Musical was read at The Palladium Side Door, which donated space for the readings.

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