meiuqeR at St. Pete Opera


Creative Collaborations 2017 Program Notes
​April 6th at 730 pm​

Co-Sponsored by Belinda Dumont & William Ward

Rhapsody for Bassoon and Marimba – World Premiere
by Mark Sforzini
Performed by John Shaw (marimba) and Mark Sforzini (bassoon).
meiuqeR: A Tragedy in Reverse – World Premiere
Book & Lyrics by Dewey Davis-Thompson
Music by Chris Romeo
Starring Chris Romeo (voice/guitar) and Harriet Hall (voice/flute) this ten-minute musical moves backwards in time as a guardian angel and her human ward revisit some critical life decisions. Inspired by the film Requiem for Dream, “meiuqeR” is the word requiem spelled backwards, and is pronounced “maker”.

Geographical Fugue
by Ernest Toch
Performed by the SPO Staff
Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet and Piano
by Schumann
Performed by Brian Moorhead (clarinet) and Teresa Ancaya (piano).
A new work for Bassoon and Piano – World Premiere
by Russell Andrade
A solo piano work
by Jason Miller
Duo for Clarinet and Bassoon
By Poulenc
Performed by Mark Sforzini (bassoon) and Brian Moorhead (clarinet).
A Reminiscence Sing
By Andrea Clearfield
Performed by Susan Spatafora (voice), Brian Moorhead (clarinet), and Teresa Ancaya (piano).

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