Short Plays

Love at Sunset Bay​

Cast F/93, F/64, M/38,M/75
A​ woman overcomes nightmares, and finds love in a nursing home.

Fair Fight​

Ten Minutes
​Cast 6-18​
​The court of all realms considers the case for Zika virus to fight the humans

Gasparilla Queen

Fifteen Minutes
​Cast 4​
​The privileged South Tampa daughter rebels, refusing to be queen of the Gasparilla Pirate Parate​

The Manatees’ Tale of Extinction

Fifteen Minutes
​Cast 6
​A family of manatees deal with the BP oil spill and overhear a plan by the whales and dolphins to destroy all the humans on Earth!

Gimme an O!

Five minutes
Cast 3
A guest on a late night sex talk show seduces the host o​​n air.

Lovers’ Quorum

One minute
​Cast 3 MFF
​A man appeals to his ex girlfriend, who is in love with another woman.

Fingers and Toes

Ten minutes
Cast 2
A mother teaches her child to be​​​ responsible in a ten fingered lesson.

Grace of Guard​

Five minutes
The true story of a teen aged sailor and his run in with pirates on the way to college.​

The Internet Chip

Cast 4
When a surgically implanted internet chip connects a test subject to the internet mayhem ensues!​