Sunshine City

1920s St Petersburg, Florida. It’s love at first sight for Jack and Flora! Jack is a marketing genius who stages publicity events such a inspections of the “scandalous” one-piece swimsuits, that newspapers are eager to print as real news. Trouble is—Flora is Editor of the Sunny Day News and refuses to print “fake news.” When Jack discovers a real scandal taking place, Flora thinks it’s just another publicity stunt and refuses to print the story, leading to a climax in an alligator-infested swamp! In the end, Jack rescues Flora, the bad guys go to jail, and love prevails! EXTRA! EXTRA! It’s fun for the whole family!

Cast 12

If I Loved Anyone

meiuqeR: A Tragedy in Reverse

This ten-minute musical moves backwards in time as a guardian angel and her human ward revisit some critical life decisions. Inspired by the film Requiem for Dream, “meiuqeR” is the word requiem spelled backwards, and is pronounced “maker”.
Cast 2  any gender, any age. Guitar & flute.